Solar Flare FX Filter
Solar Flare FX Filter

Solar Flare FX Filter

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The "Solar Flare FX" is a new lineup of filters that create stunning in camera flares! The ribbon like design reacts to bright highlights / point sources in frame and creates organic looking "solar flares" that change depending on the filters rotations & orientation!

• Available in 67mm, 77mm, 82mm, and 4x5.65

• Available in 2 Color Versions (Solar Flare - Clear) + (Solar Flare - Amber)

• Creates a ribbon-like flare from highlights / point sources in frame

• Circular versions feature a rotatable frame

• Results may vary (lighting conditions / aperture / settings all play into strength and look of the effect)

Includes PLFX Filter Pouch when in stock

Prism Lens FX large lens cloth included when in stock.




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