Crystal FX Filters (Pre-Order)
Crystal FX Filters (Pre-Order)

Crystal FX Filters (Pre-Order)

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Lens Filter Adapter Rings

We are excited to be bringing back our Crystal FX Filters! When we first started Prism Lens FX in 2018, this was one of our first designs. The Crystal FX Filter creates beautifully naturalistic & cinematic bokeh refractions that are reminiscent of vintage spherical lens flares. This series of filters now comes in multiple sizes, with 8 different types of colored crystals. Because each design is handmade, no 2 filters are exactly alike, so you can rest assured your Crystal FX Filter is like a fingerprint, uniquely designed and 1 of 1.
  • Available in 67mm, 77mm, 82mm Circular Sizes
  • Rotating Filter Ring 
  • Creates Colorful Bokeh Effects
  • Works best with more telephoto focal lengths (35mm / 50mm / 85mm
  • For best results, we recommend shooting with a strong light source in frame & shooting at a fast aperture (F2.0 / F2.8) 

** Very Limited Stock!

**This item is a pre-order will ship in Jan 2024

**Due to the exclusive nature of these filters, they are not eligible for any discounts or promotional offers. Should a discount code be applied to an order containing these Limited-Edition Crystal FX Filters, regrettably, we won't be able to fulfill the order as placed.  We will reach out with the option to pay the difference if you would like to proceed with the order.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is currently available for PRE-ORDER with an estimated shipping date of 10-12 weeks. To streamline your order and prevent any delays, we advise against combining in-stock items with pre-order/ backorder items in a single order. Due to the nature of inventory fluctuations and production schedules, combining in-stock items with pre-order or backorder items poses a challenge in guaranteeing availability when pre-order or backorder items complete production.

When an order contains both in-stock and pre-order/backorder items, we cannot assure the availability of the in-stock items by the time the pre-order/backorder items are ready for shipment. Inventory levels may change unexpectedly, potentially leading to unavailability of initially in-stock items by the time the pre-order/backorder items are fulfilled.

To prevent any inconvenience or delays in receiving your complete order, we strongly recommend keeping in-stock items separate from pre-order/backorder items during the checkout process. This allows us to fulfill each part of your order as soon as the respective items are available.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us ensure a smoother shopping experience for you. Thank you for choosing Prism Lens FX. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Crystal FX In Motion

Here is a quick test film showing the Opal & Sapphire Crystal FX versions in use. Shot with a Red Komodo with Sigma PL Cinema Zooms.

Crystal FX

Bokeh Effects

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