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There's been a problem with the way we store our media / memory cards. When you find yourself back on set and you reach for a card from a generic card case, it's hard to be certain if you downloaded that card already, or if it's good to format. We feel like all photographers / filmmakers have dealt with this issue countless times on set. So we decided to partner with our post production company to create the TC Card Capsule to fix this problem.

Inside the TC Card Capsule, the interior foam inserts are divided, labeled, & color coded red & green -- making it easy to be certain which cards are good to format, and which cards still need to be downloaded. A zipper pouch in the top lid also makes it easy to store your portable drive, card reader, and cables. The color coded foam inserts are swappable with our other card inserts as well -- making this the best all in one data management solution on the market.

Color Coded Foam Inserts

Different Card Options

Zipper Mesh Storage

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