Lens Filter Adapter Rings
Lens Filter Adapter Rings
Lens Filter Adapter Rings
Lens Filter Adapter Rings
Lens Filter Adapter Rings

Lens Filter Adapter Rings

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Lens Adapter Rings to help you fit our FX Filters to a wide array of other lens sizes!

All of the filters that we offer come in 58mm, 67mm, 77mm or 82mm thread by default.  Currently, we only offer 6 Step-up Rings and 1 Step-down Ring, that are compatible with our filters.  So, if you have a 58mm, 67mm, 77mm or 82mm thread lens then you can screw our filters right on.  Otherwise here is how to make those adapters work...
All lenses have a specific thread size listed on the lens itself.  You can find this number on the inside or the outside of your lens.  Once you have that number you can determine what Step-up or Step-down ring is right for you.  A Step-up Rings is needed when your lens thread size is lower than our filter "mm" filter sizes.  A Step-down Ring is needed when your thread size is bigger than our "mm" filter sizes. Click here to see our RING ADAPTER TUTORIAL on how our adapter rings work with our filters to fit your camera.  Although we only offer certain sizes, you can find other sizes at Amazon or google the size needed from other online suppliers.
  • 49mm-77mm (Step-Up)

  • 52mm-77mm (Step-Up)

  • 58mm-77mm (Step-Up)
  • 67mm-77mm (Step-Up)

  • 72mm-77mm (Step-Up) 

  • 77mm to 82mm (Step-Up)

  • 82mm-77mm (Step-Down)

The first number denotes the filter thread specification of the lens on which the step-up ring is to be used.  The second number denotes the filter diameter specification that will be screwed on to the wider end of the ring.

Are step-up and step-down rings the same?

The step-up ring simply increases the lens diameter and allows you to attach a filter of a larger specification. So that you don't have to buy or carry multiple filters for all the lenses you have.  Saves money & bulk.
EXAMPLE: Let's say you have the popular Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens.  The filter thread specifications reads 58mm.  Our Prism Lens FX Filters only come in 77mm and 82mm.  Luckily we have a 58-77mm Step-up ring.  You simply screw in the step-up ring to the front of the lens and you are set.  Now you can screw any of our PLFX 77mm FX Filters on top of your 58mm lens.  The step-up ring simply increased your lens diameter and allowed you to attach a filter of a larger specification.
Step-down rings do the exact opposite of a step-up ring. They adjust a larger lens thread to accommodate a smaller filter... When using step-down rings and filters, one can notice a lot of vignetting.  Basically, the corners are getting less light because of the tunnel that is created.
Scroll down to see our PLFX Ring Adapter Tutorial!





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